June 5, 2015

Debbie Robinson

Debbie A. Robinson


In 1992 God connected my Husband, Tommy & I in a new ministry called Refreshing Winds. Praise God it was with people we have spent many years in church with. We have been part of the family of God since 1985.
God had blessed us with a blended family. Together we had 3 boys and 1 girl. They have since married and now there are 10 Grandkids added to this crew, and I must add that they are all Christians as well.
We are training up them as well. We are members of Christian Motorcycle Association and on one of our two week runs our Granddaughter, Paeton, rode with us and at one stop she helped lead a lady to the Lord in a gas station. She also prayed at the wall of Flight 93, 9/11 Memorial. So if you see a red motorcycle ride by with CMA Patch on my back be sure and wave.