June 5, 2015

Deniece Vestal

Deniece Vestal
Deniece Vestal was born in Dallas, Texas in 1955.  She married Tommie Vestel in San Angelo, Texas
in the summer of 1974. 
Tommie and Deniece had their encounter with Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas at Christi Bay Temple in 1985.  Shortly after, in 1986, they met Rev. Bob Glenn, who with his wife Patricia, would play an enormous part in their lives.  It was in 1990, that Deniece received her orders from United Gospel Tabernacles.  She and Tommie had recently moved to Cameron, Texas and started to play an active role in the church that Bob Glenn was pastoring:  Cameron Gospel Tabernacle.  Ten years later, Deniece was ordained by United Gospel Tabernacles at a ceremony in Vidor, Texas. 
Deniece currently resides in Cameron, Texas where she serves as the Director of the Ladies Group and Leader of the Intercessary Prayer Team.  She is a talented singer and evangelist.  Deniece is the mother of three and nephew whom she helped raise.