June 5, 2015

Kathy Horlander

I’ve been a member of the Refreshing Winds Ministries team for about 8 years. And in those 8 years it astonishes me how the Lord has “grown me up.” You see I was what I consider a “fence sitter,” that’s a person who is very comfortable just sitting on the fence watching. Not getting too involved in the church, just attending church on Sunday, a few bible studies along the way, but mostly just watching.
Then I was invited to attend a Refreshing Winds retreat and my fence watching days were over, but I didn’t know it just yet. I was watching alright, the whole weekend I was the last to leave every session…just watching! It seems that I was affected by everything, the teachings, the preaching, the music; all stirred some kind of emotion in me that I did not know existed. All the way home to Houston from the retreat I was asking questions of those in the car with me. Questions, I had so many questions. Why did some women laugh uncontrollable, why did some women raise their hands in joy and adoration, why? I believe that’s when I became teachable by the Lord. I was willing to search out the answers to my questions and that’s all the Lord need… a teachable spirit!
As in any kind of growth it’s a process. It did not happen overnight, but as I grew in “head knowledge” I was growing in the spirit as well. The Lord has given me many spiritual gifts along the way that are used to minister to the world, but this is not the end for I feel He is still “growing me up.” I know the Lord have more for me and He is just waiting for me to say Yes!