June 3, 2015

Our Mission

Our Mission
The primary goal of Refreshing Winds Ministries is to revive, renew, refresh, restore and reconcile the body of Christ
and the lost through teaching, training, preaching, prophesying, prayer, evangelizing, missions, music, praise and
worship, dance, banner ministry, counseling charitable works and giving.
Another goal of this ministry is to increase faith in the hearts of growing Christians, inspire holiness in the lives of believers,
and instill hope in the hearts of struggling people. Refreshing Winds Ministries acknowledges not only the grace of
God permitting salvation but the grace of God is continuing work in and for the believer. This ministry will further
attempt to raise up ministers and equip them for the work they are called to do.
The activities of the Ministry shall include but not be limited to outreach, retreats, home cell and fellowship groups, Bible study,
lectures and seminars, conference speakers, prayer groups, and ministering to the homeless, shut-ins, abused women,
and those in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and the mission field. These activities will be conducted by volunteers.
We shall propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.