December 10, 2015


Thank you for this wonderful, enlightening testimony.  I am beyond the right words to comprehend the timing of this email because just this morning while getting ready for church, my mind was racing anxiously with a million thoughts of things I want/need to do.  I felt I needed to sit and have a real, more serious, deep conversation with God.  Something much more than the daily discussions. 

I decided tomorrow (because today was already committed with family activities) morning I would ‘go-deep’ and have this conversation with my Father.  Immediately, I recalled our ‘secret place’ talk.  Then, I thought about all of you actually and wondered when we might hear from you again … wondered if you were already meeting and planning for next year, etc.  (see, I told you my mind was racing!).  In the mirror behind me was my closet where I’ve gone before for the real serious discussions!  But, instead my mind settled on the comfort and peacefulness of my own room, with doors closed. 

To receive your email today is such a big blessing to me … Our Lord is so good and loves us so much!  Prayers for all of you to receive the wisdom you seek, enjoy the sweetness of his presence and feel the deep love he has for you.  S.

Thank you for your message.
I think of the retreat so very often, and cry tears of gratitude.
I was healed at the retreat.
I received immediate, miraculous Healing.
I cried out for help and mercy and became surrounded by several sisters who are filled with the Holy Spirit.
I received a Hands-on-Healing from the demons of fear.
My life has changed.
With gratitude, desire and urgency I have surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.
I am Approved, Anointed, and Appointed.
I returned home to Austin and joined my church, joined the choir and joined the UMW Group.
Yes! I do have a special place I go to to worship Our Perfect Lord Jesus!
It’s in my mind, I go there where ever I am.
With God’s glorious gift of grace, I am forgiven and Blessed.
I now walk with authority over Satan! He Is A Liar!
In the name of Jesus, you may use my testimony.
I am excited and humbled.
Please!  Let your Team know they have been an Extreme Blessing
in my life.  I’ve not let them know how vitally important they’ve been
and how, through God, they changed my life.
I do include your Team in my Prayers as they accomplish God’s Plan.
All I want to do now is give back Blessings.
In Sisterly Love, Most Sincerely,
Thank You,

2017 Testimony

This ministry has blessed me 1,000 fold.  I am so very grateful.  Love SS

God’s Blessings and much abundance to you all.  How precious to be in the sweet presence.  Thank you for establishing the Glorious atmosphere.  CA

Just being in the presence of God with so many Godly women is such a blessing.  May God’s blessings be upon you all!!!   AJ

This ministry has given me so much love, warmth and admiration for those who participate and always brings me closer to God and in my relationship with him.  LC

You have given me the Love I needed.  AH

What an honor to be a part of what God has done over the last 6 retreats!  Words cannot express the Joy I have experienced.  Thank you – KJ

The Power of Praise brings Joy; Corporate worship to the king.  MA

Found Jesus and got blessed.  MP

I learned how to be free in my worship.  AW

Thank you this ministry, it has allowed me to get away from everything and come and be restored, refreshed, so needed.  God Bless You – BV

Went home a lot lighter and charged – went home much more a blessing to church and ministry.  LC

Love you all,  You have let Jesus shine through.  Thank you – RJ

“Thank you” to the entire ministry team for your labor of love shown toward me and the ladies, to be in the presence of the Lord.  I’m honored the Lord would call me away for such an awe inspiring time.   New relationships were established and existing ones enjoyed.  

In the coming days, my prayer is for the Lord to strengthen your physical bodies and allow you to be spiritually nourished as you reflect on the worshipful experience this past weekend.  Strength and encouragement to you as you continue in the service of the Lord. Once again, “Thank you” and may the Lord watch between you and me until we see each other again. 

Your sister in the Lord – EJS

Just a note of HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THANKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS! For the most awesome services I just have about ever been to. And the throw cover and all the overwhelming attention and gifts. It would be just about impossible in my viewpoint for someone to leave there the same. The worship “beat all” I just about have ever seen in recent years.  The open heavens… THANK YOU LORD FOR REFRESHING WINDS AND THEIR OBEDIENCE TO YOUR LEADERSHIP AND GRACE…I came there with frustration and heaviness and left there charged and ready to see the hand of the Lord help me overcome a tremendous burden.  Thank You from deep in my heart. LC

The Lord kept showing me the importance of what your ministry is doing. You all give so freely what the Lord gives to you, love, love and then more love. You just kept pouring into our lives what God Almighty has given you. It was an awesome experience to say the least. You are true vessels of God, pouring out the overflowing, love, and healing powers of our Sovereign Father. I was so desperate when I arrived for more from the Father and I had heard how awesome the experience always was in the years before. My sisters were right! There are so many desperate mothers, housewives and women trying so hard to live Christian lives, trying everything they know to be sold out to Christ, and to live in His presence in these perilous times. They have nowhere to turn, and everywhere they do turn they still can’t find the answers they are so desperately seeking. They need to hear from Christ and feel the move of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way. Helping us to break through to what He has waiting for us. You all touched my life so deeply! Holy sanctified women of God, you build up spirits and help mend broken hearts to put things into perspective, while having fun and laughing, we can find the joy that gets lost in our daily lives. When it came time to go home, I realized I was healed, I was whole again and I was going home with a whole heartily love for life again. I could take on the world with a smile again. I needed this more than I even knew, but he knew. There are so many more in need of what your ministry is doing. You all are giving and pouring out His love, His presence is over flowing and abundantly. So many women desperately need what you all do. Giving freely what the Lord has freely given you. You are all TRUE TREASURES!!! Can’t wait for the next time I am blessed enough to be with all of you and in His amazing presence your ministry flows in.

Much Love-Many Blessing-Great Favor to you and your families!

May the joy and peace of God be upon you! SR

Thanks. I have to start with the gratefulness I feel for the love you all shed upon me this weekend. I know it was on everyone, but this is personal. I felt loved, I felt honored, I felt accepted, I felt validated as a woman in ministry. The care you poured out on me was so precious to me. This is more valuable than any material gift I received. Hugs, smiles, encouragement, even the opportunity to minister to others. It’s enough to sustain me. I needed this. So just…THANKS. DW

Recently I have been devastated, so lost, hurt & broken. What I wanted to share is the beautiful quilt I received at the retreat has been such a place of comfort, love, safety and peace for me. Sometimes, I envision you beautiful ladies working so hard on the quilts, laughing and praying over them. Thank you for your obedience and all that you do for the ministry. Thank you ladies so much. I will continue to daily seek HIS FACE, in the comfort of my anointed quilt. WC