October 3, 2022

The Pool of Provision

The Pool of Provision

By Barbara Murray

After working on several different ideas for my talk at the Retreat, and not feeling satisfied with any of them, I decided to spend some time alone and see what I could hear from the Father.

Lord, what is on your heart for the ladies at the Retreat.

What would you have me to say to them?

So, I went to the Secret Place where I like to be alone with Him.  I’ve shared about this before at the Retreat,  I find a quiet place in my home, away from distractions, and I close my eyes, and I visualize a place that I call my Secret Place.  It is a large house with many rooms that He comes and speaks to me.  There is a large main room with a huge two story wall of windows from floor to ceiling.  There is a large sectional sofa there looking out onto a large deck. There is a staircase along one wall going up to a loft with an open railing overlooking the large room.

Once I am in my Secret Place, I wander around a little in the house and decide to go out the back door and onto the large back deck.  I asked again, standing there, “Lord, what should I share at the Retreat”.  He said to me “Come and sit with me”. I sensed Him beckoning me to walk down the stone stairs and at the end of the stairs was a path.  The path was cool and shaded with many trees and fallen leaves & moss blanketed the ground, I followed the path and as I made my way down the slight hill where there was a clearing in the trees and I saw a small lake to my left.  I walked toward the edge and noticed there was a large flat rock positioned higher than the water, so I climbed up on the rock, sitting on the edge so I could dip my feet.  As I sat there, enjoying the stillness and the gentle breeze blowing, I began to see someone moving on the other side of the lake.  As I watched to see what this was, I could see women walking in single file, one behind the other coming towards me.  I sensed these were the women coming to the retreat.  As they were walking there appeared several angels in the air over them hovering and they had a large container (like a big bucket) suspended by a rope.  They began to scoop up the water in their containers.   As they glided over the water I noticed they became full of light, like they were effervescent, full of the Zoe life of God.  Once their containers were filled, the angels would move directly over each individual and hover while they tipped the bucket slightly so it’s effervescent liquid would pour onto each and every lady in line. I noticed a few of the women in line needed a second sprinkling of the water and an angel took care of it by making a second swoop over these ones.

I sensed this was what He was wanting me to share at the Retreat, that He knew what they had need of before they ever arrived and He had prepared the provision already and given the Angels their assignment.  His Life, His Love, His Provision.  HIM.