December 25, 2015

Bridget’s Blessings

Bridget’s Blessings

Got Wisdom?

“Wisdom is her name and she is of the Ancient of Days”

    Have you ever pondered on what would you like to receive from the Lord if He asked you, “What do you want”? How would you respond? What do you really want from your Heavenly Father? Do you want stuff (whatever you define stuff as), money, power, a new job, a house, and a car, someone saved in your family or friends? What is your request from God? Do you know? The first question is not new to man. Solomon, King David’s son, was asked this very question by the Lord (1 Kings 3:5-12). The sky was the limit for Solomon.  However, Solomon saw himself as a mere child leading a great multitude of God’s people and knew he did not understand nor have the knowledge to deal with all of their issues and being king. Solomon asked for wisdom, God’s wisdom. Wisdom is a characteristic of Jesus the Messiah. Wisdom aids God in all that He is and does. It’s hard to view wisdom separately from God because He is wisdom. However, it is written that wisdom has been and is the Ancient of Days which is the Lord God.

    When I read the scripture of the conversation between Solomon and God in 1 Kings, years earlier, I thought to myself, I would have asked God to meet my needs. You see, during this season in my life, I was looking at MY needs and my spiritual maturity was child-like, infantile, if you will. Also, God’s word says, “He shall supply ALL of my need according to His riches by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).  I didn’t see God as Solomon had seen and understand God. He saw and heard about the goodness and miracles of God from his father, David. David was a man after God’s heart. God knew that David would teach his children about Him and how to worship God. Yes, I knew and was learning about God, however, I was missing the principle about having His wisdom. God’s wisdom provides insight beyond the capabilities of one’s own problem solving processes. God’s wisdom has its own characteristics and life and problem solving processes. Having God’s wisdom enables a believer to understand in their heart and judge between good and evil accurately. God’s wisdom never fails or errors. Wow! We all should want this wisdom. I believe God’s wisdom separates the bone and bone marrow like God’s word does. When I began to study God’s wisdom in His word and study the life of Solomon, I began to ask God for His wisdom. I wanted to have what Solomon had. Solomon had a rich life with God’s wisdom. I’m not talking about material or monetary riches, but the riches of understanding and solving problems without error and it was righteous and good. Now, God told Solomon that there will never be a man on Earth again like him. I wasn’t looking to be like Solomon, but I wanted that characteristic of God. God tells us to get wisdom and understanding. Also, the bible says in James 1:5, “if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach and it will be given to him”. God doesn’t and will not mock or remind us of our unworthiness when we ask for His wisdom. God is a giver and He freely gives us His wisdom, because He knows we do not know how to judge without error or discern His people hearts.

    I have made so many bad decisions and choices in my life; it was revealed to me I needed God’s wisdom. I don’t and can’t live without it. When I do not ask for His wisdom when making an important and overwhelming decision, I pay the price of erroring. So, I found myself asking for His wisdom constantly. Having God’s wisdom makes life easier to live and problem solve. Wisdom cuts through confusion, wickedness, and lack of understanding. Wisdom takes me beyond my scope of problem solving processes to the heavenly problem solving processes. It’s written, when getting, get Wisdom. So, what do you want from God?