December 25, 2015

Kathy’s Korner

Welcome to the Korner,

My husband Bob and I recently returned from an extended adventure to the west and northwestern US, and western Canada. God was with us every inch of the way. No flat tires. No mechanical stranding’s. No collisions with anything but bugs (there were lots of those). No significant medical issues. No encounters with law enforcement. Many encounters with fascinating people so many of whom are struggling and burdened with the pain of this world. It seems that almost no one you meet is free from pain.   Thank you Lord for Your Holy Spirit.

We also discovered that a word spoken in kindness to someone can make a difference in their lives. For years, Bob has been quick to speak life into the people he meets every day. When casually asked “How are you doing?” without hesitation he responds, “I am mightily blessed.” People can tell that he truly believes it. Or when checking out at a grocery store he will always inquire about how the checker is doing. To which he will reply with an encouraging word and a “God bless you”. Or, he might encounter the man who collects the carts in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, someone that I have never really been aware of. He will make it a point to go over to them and thank them for the service they provide. When they look at him in confusion, he explains that because of them he does not have to go find a cart because they are always at the front of the store for us to use, then he tells them “You are a good man”. He says it with such conviction that most times you can physically see them stand taller.

Simple, kind, appreciative words that only take 10 seconds to convey, can make a difference in the life of someone you don’t know and may never meet again. Watching his example of spreading joy, love, and encouragement to complete strangers, greatly encourages me to do the same. And, what I found is that when the Holy Spirit lives in you with such fullness, it’s easy to spread the love for one another. It’s no effort at all.

Be Blessed,