February 26, 2018

Sharon Sargeant

Sharon Sargeant has been a friend to Refreshing Winds Ministry for over 20 years. She is an anointed and ordained minister, teacher, intercessor and evangelist of the Lord. is a prophetic minister and teacher. She also ministers in prophetic dance and helps to usher in an Atmosphere of Heaven for inner healing and deliverance.

She has also served as a Director of a Women’s Ministry, Instructor for an Evangelism School, Leader of a Prison Ministry and was the Founder and Publisher of The Shepherd’s Guide of Houston, a City Wide Ministry and Christian Resource Directory that was distributed in thousands of locations around Greater Houston for over a 20 year period. She is also on the speaker’s list and has spoken at Women’s Aglow.

After being healed of Lupus, Sharon also has a Health and Healing Ministry teaching people how to overcome terminal diagnosis with the Word of God and the Wisdom of Healthy Eating and Lifestyle. She has a gift of joy and healing for both physical and the brokenhearted. She is also a Certified Life Coach and a Personal Organizer. Sharon is currently serving and ministering at the Father’s House Church in Houston.

Sharon was ordained by Pastors LaRue and Anna Adkinson of the Father’s House and Charles and Frances Hunter. She was also ordained and licensed by Richard and Betty Jean Money with Christ the Healer.

She has a passion for Jesus Christ and for people to return to their First Love of Jesus. Twenty years ago she received a prophetic word from Musician Don Potter’s wife  Christine, that she had a calling of Intimacy with the Lord and for Women’s Ministry. Sharon has a desire to see every woman Rise and Shine and come into her divine destiny, calling and fulfillment.