February 23, 2016

When God Gives You A Word

When God gives you a word

When God gives you a word – study it out, because the words that are brought to your attention can be
words of warning or
correction or confirmation. Or they can be words about your future or your present.
They may tell of your past to let you
know they are from the Lord.  And sometimes they are words that we just have to grow into.

Always test the word against the scriptures and determine its validity. If you carefully guard the
words that are spoken over
 you and write them down, revisit them often, you will find that the same words are spoken  over you again and again. God is speaking to you.  He is telling you of his plan for your life.  But it is up to you to listen and to hear.  And it is up to you to nurture those words in your heart.   Because even if it is just one word, it can propel you to your next glory place, and open up a  whole new world to you.